Hot off the press - Historical fiction set in Ancient Africa
A new release, similar to "Roots" by Alex Haley, this is a must-have for Black history enthusiasts.

Author, Phyllis Jane Brown is the "Winner of the OUTSTANDING FICTION AWARD - The Southern California Writers' Conference.
Set in Ghana, West Africa, 1785 to 1801 in Book 1, Folayan, the long-awaited girl-child, in whom the fate of the clan exists, is adored and adventurous, and must be reminded that her name means "one who walks in dignity."

Living under the shadows of slaveholding castles and forts, while watching ships intrude on the Gold Coast, Kwabena prepared for his only daughter to prosper in spite of lurking predators. Filling his gold-trimmed trunk with wares useful for a diligent Fanti woman, he also included several items uncommon for females along with fine garments and jewels. Unbeknownst to him, her mother had fretted over one golden gem gifted by a stranger and tucked it in Papa's box days before Folayan's birth sixteen years ago.

Beautiful, talented, and different like the gleaming stone, Folayan wants to stay safe, and marry. When the village celebrates her womanhood, she holds the mysterious nugget to her heart. Her anxiety mounts. Will her only love offer his hand? Will her Papa accept it? Is the stranger's pebble of gold a blessing of a bright future ... or is it a warning that her world will shatter on the edge of hwaani hwanni light?

The slave traders are circling Kormantse. Will the village survive? Will Folayan's family? Will she?

In The legacy of the Gold-Banded Box, Book 1: Folayan's Promise, Phyllis Brown creates a palate of life, thriving and woven with dreams within the village of Kormantse, located on the Gold Coast of West Africa." - publisher
370 pages

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