"Super Bowl-winning coach and bestselling author Dungy helps celebrate the men who have character, integrity, and courage. Adapted from Dungy's "New York Times"-bestseller, this book is the perfect gift for dads, sports fans, and young men.

Table of Contents:
What Does It Really Mean to Be a Man?
Part 1. Develop Your Core -- Character -- Honesty and Integrity -- Humility and Stewardship -- Courage
Part 2. Love Your Family -- How to Treat a Woman -- Fatherhood -- Respect Authority
Part 3. Lift Your Friends and Others -- Friendship -- Take Counsel -- The Power of Influence -- Mentoring
Part 4. Your Full Potential -- Powerful Thoughts -- Education and Athletics -- Career, Work, and Money -- Goals and Risk -- Alcohol and Drugs -- Failure
Part 5. Establish a Mission That Matters -- Style versus Substance -- Priorities -- Being versus Doing -- Following Your Dreams -- Creating Balance
Part 6. Choose Influence over Image -- Respect for Yourself and Others -- Sexual Integrity -- Platforms -- Role Model
Part 7. Live Your Faith -- Eternal Self-Esteem -- Relationship with Christ -- Faith -- Purpose -- Significance.

Too often we define a man's success by what he has rather than who he is. But Super Bowl-winning coach and bestselling author Tony Dungy knows there's a better way. His deluxe gift book Uncommon Manhood will help you to celebrate the men in your life who have character, integrity, and courage. Men with both confidence and humility. Men who know the value of family and faith. Men who are truly uncommon." - publisher
126 pages

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