A special book for a special lady for Mother's Day. Using a page-a-day format, this is a collection of vignettes--""inspired moments""--from the lives of black woman across recorded time. ""Whether read as history or practical inspiration, the stories of bravery, intelligence, and fortitude revealed . . . give a unique road map to rediscovering sister power.""-The New American

""A collection of . . . moving stories that celebrate the lives of black women who have overcome the many obstacles in their paths to pursue their dreams.""-African Sun Times

Now in paperback, Sister Days offers you a daily invitation to share in the life-affirming legacy of African American women. Here are 365 uplifting meditations on courage, daring, and resistance that bring us valuable reminders of how real women in real times-from Harriet Tubman to aviator Bessie Coleman to Wild West legend ""Stagecoach Mary"" to world-renowned writer Maya Angelou -created a better way of life for themselves and a better world for others.
In reading their stories, we ensure that these women live on-as shining beacons to light our own quests for happier, more fulfilled lives."
436 pages

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