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Brown Sugar & Spice values first-person accounts - letting people tell their own stories.

This new set includes three books written by Sharon Robinson, Jackie Robinson's daughter and one written by Jackie Robinson himself.

1. "Who Was Jackie Robinson?" - ages 8-12, 105 pages
2. "Jackie Robinson - American Hero" - ages 8-11, 48 pages
3. "I Never Had It Made: Autobiography of Jackie Robinson" -
Reading Level 8.0, 304 pages
4. "Jackie's Nine: Jackie Robinson's Values to Live By" - ages 8-12, 181 pages
5. "Promises to Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed America" - ages 8-12, 64 pages

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Suggestion: Keep the autobiography for yourself and give the other books to a child.
If we don't teach our history to our children, who will?

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$50.95 Reg.
$42.95 SALE


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