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Best-selling children's picture book about the 7th day Sabbath. "Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?" is three books in one: storybook - activity book - keepsake book. Includes activities for parent and children.
A rhyming book that children love hearing over and over again. Use as a read-aloud for young children and an easy reader for older children.
When completed it becomes a keepsake book with personalized drawings, photo and answers to questions.

"Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?" is available in 5 editions: Hispanic, Caucasian, African-American, Asian and the NEW - Bilingual: Spanish/English. Full-color.

Buy two. Save one to be completed a year or two later to compare how your child has grown in his/her thought processes and attitudes.
Share this children's Sabbath book with your church group or children's ministries department.
Ages 3-7

FUNDRAISER AVAILABLE. Raise $500 minimum. Call (734) 716-0213 for details.

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