"Rising star chef and food activist Bryant Terry is known for his simple, creative, and delicious vegan dishes inspired by African American cooking. In this ... cookbook, he remixes foods of the African diaspora to create ... recipes such as corn maque choux-stuffed Jamaican patties with hot pepper sauce, berebere-spiced black-eyed pea sliders, crispy teff-grit cakes with eggplant, tomatoes, and peanuts, and groundnut stew with winter vegetables and cornmeal dumplings"--(Publisher)

Review Quotes:
"I'm a big fan of food. I'm also a fan of stories. What Bryant Terry has done with "Afro-Vegan" is tell a new and important story of food. He's connected health with history and culture and made the combination delicious. As important, he's encouraging all of us to learn the story of the food we make and consume and helping us generate our own stories as we share these healthy eats with the communities we love."
--Baratunde Thurston, best-selling author of "How to Be Black" and CEO and cofounder of Cultivated Wit

"Bryant Terry crafts recipes and weaves narrative to shine truth on Southern food. This is cooking that empowers and encourages, and tells the story of the nourishment of a community. "Afro-Vegan" shows us how to be proud of our storied, vegetable-rich foodways." - --Hugh Acheson, chef and author of "A New Turn in the South"

""Afro-Vegan" animates the cuisine of the African diaspora with the detail, reverence, and passion it deserves. Bryant elevates our often-overlooked culinary traditions and infuses a personal, smart, and practical love. He goes beyond teaching us to cook. He inspires us to celebrate and explore." - --Dayo Olopade, author of "The Bright Continent: Breaking Rules and Making Change in Modern Africa"

"If "A People's History Of The United States" and "Joy of Cooking" had a baby, "Afro-Vegan" would be it!" --Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of "Veganomicon" and "Isa Does It"

"In this beautiful, casual collection of recipes from across the African diaspora, Bryant Terry brings to life a vegetable, grain, spice-based culinary heritage too often ignored. "Afro-Vegan" is a historically compelling, delicious blueprint for both a plant-based diet and a true, African-derived cuisine." - --Tamar Adler, author of "An Everlasting Meal"

215 pages

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