"Inspired by Cato's sketches of a African-American ballerina, Oscar-winning actress and "View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg has created a new series set at the Nutcracker Ballet School in Harlem.

Book 1 - "Plum Fantastic" - In this first title, Alex Johnson discovers it's hard being the new ballerina on the block.

Book 2 - "Toeshoe Trouble" - Award-winning actress Goldberg is back with the second installment of her Sugar Plum Ballerinas series. Brenda Black needs the help of her Sugar Plum Sisters when she gets into a mess after her spoiled cousin comes to visit.

Book 3 - "Perfectly Prima" - Jerzey Mae is frustrated by her friends' jokes about her terrible dancing. When she learns her idol, a prima ballerina, will be attending her recital, Jerzey mae is determined to improve. But her efforts to learn her dance are continually thwarted - until she finds help in a very unexpected place.

Book 4 - "Terrible Terrel" - Terrel's dad surprises her with his new girlfiend during a night out at the ballet - a night that was supposed to be father-daughter time. With some Sugar Plum help, Terrel takes charge of breaking up her father's new relationship.

Book 5 - "Sugar Plums to the Rescue!" - Triplets Jessica, JoAnn, and Jerzey and their friends in ballet class try to keep the building that houses The Nutcracker School from being torn down, while also trying to rescue a stray kitten.

Book 6 - "Dancing Divas" - When Epatha tries to spice up the choreography of the new ballet in Harlem with her free-spirited style, the rest of the Sugar Plum ballerinas encourage her to keep her toes in line.

Ages 6 - 10 years
Reading level - 3.9
Pages - approx 150

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