Autobiography of Lillian (Hobson) Lincoln Lambert, the first female African-American MBA graduate of Harvard Business School. Raised in Powhatan County, Virginia during the dark days of segregation she sought something better. Arriving in New York City at the age of eighteen she realized the path to some place better was the education path.

Ms. Lambert writes, "I first started down "the road to someplace better" in 1958 at the age of 18, leaving my family farm in rural Virginia for the bright lights and better jobs of New York City. Little did I know that the city was not awaiting the arrival of a naïve black girl armed with only a high school diploma. While working as a maid, clerk typist and salesperson, I never dreamed that one day I would be the CEO of a $20 million company with 1,200 employees. I went from pushing a broom to owning the broom and everything else connected with a building maintenance business."

As a successful businesswoman amassing millions, she now shares her story with millions through speaking engagements, community service and now her book. Please visit her website for more interesting details as well as book signing engagements.


Don't miss this inspiring story. Give copies to the youth and adults in your circle of influence.

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